Photagon Charity

hotagon’s social responsibility program

photagon has “community” in its DNA. We do create a social photo community and giving back should not be a question of “why” but a question of “how”. Therefore, from day one, photagon gives purpose to every photo upload in the platform.

In simple words, for every concluded Contest (PCoin Class), a part of our profit from the participation fee goes straight to an Organization dedicated to child welfare.
Children is our soft spot in photagon, and we wanted to relate our donation activity to organizations that are dedicated to elevating the quality of life of children in need around the world.

To think globally, act locally
Our strategy for our donations had to speak to every single one of our users. We did not only want to randomly select a cause that we are close to. Instead, we made our donations relevant to all our users supporting a cause according to their country.

Upon registration, every user selects country. This is not only to show their nationality, but to choose the national cause they wish to support with their photagon activity. When users enter a contest, they “tell us” in a way that this is the country/cause they support.

How much do donations cost in photagon?
Nothing. Users do not pay extra fees photagon’s social activity. We offer part of our profit to donations, distributing it to national causes according to the users’ contest activity from every country.

Even though users are not charged extra for our social responsibility program, they are the ones who offer us the opportunity to give back. Building our photagon community must mean something in every aspect. So, from now on, we share photos for a cause. We upload photos, profit , give back and we become the best photographers we can be in the process.