Hello, beta users of photagon. You are pretty special to us because with your invaluable contribution we will launch photagon sooner than planned. Here is everything you need to know about the beta period that you are part of.

About photagon
In photagon, we turn likes to profit. By entering Contest Classes, different photo contest categories, every user can put their photo up for voting while having the opportunity to vote for others.

The beta period
photagon is a photo community platform where users who love taking and posting photos can compete and profit from it. The idea is simpler than its realization, though. For this complex system to work correctly, multiple users must enter and upload their photos, to test all actions and scenarios several times.

What do beta users have to do?
Nothing more than enjoy photagon. Choose photos to upload and have fun. You will receive several virtual pLikes, so you can do anything you want for free. We encourage you to participate as much as you can to test your popularity among other beta users and help contests complete faster for quicker rankings.

Suppose you come across an issue or non-user-friendly part of photagon feel free to send us your feedback in the help center at your account settings. We are here to track any problems and improve your experience.

Pay attention
We recommend using photos that you are willing to share to access all parts of photagon, like photo sales or negotiations. Keep in mind that because all transactions will be with virtual pLikes, the photo sales will not result in real income, so if you don’t want your photo to be downloaded by other users, don’t put a price on it upon uploading.

If you run out of pLikes, send us a message via the Help Center to request more. Users are also allowed to offer or request pLikes from other users so that you can try that as well.

We appreciate your participation in our beta period. For that, we will credit your account with Bonus pLikes to use in contests after the official launch.

By inviting more users to register and participate in photagon, you can also win pLikes to use for contests and photo purchases.