Monetize in Photagon
Social photo sharing has involved even the least interested in photography in the daily race of putting a good photo out there. And now photagon is here, born out of the idea of making an actual profit from posting photos.

photagon is the Social Photo Contest where you can turn likes to profit. Beginners, amateurs or professional photographers are always charmed by the prospect of winning a photo contest, for the prize and the recognition that follows the win. With photagon, this win has a whole new meaning. For the first time there are no itemized prizes in a photo contest, but earnings in cash.

Can you make money from your IG photos?

Yes, in photagon, every user can earn money from their photos if they get likes. The chase of likes is the fever of every social media user. Now this fever can rightfully rise. In every Contest, Class users enter with a small entrance fee that permits them to like (vote) for their favorite photos. When they like a photo they offer 1 or more voting pLikes. In the end, every user rank based on their likes. More likes mean more pLikes that can be cashed out at any time.
Just take a good photo and upload it. You do it every day! Now use it to make yourself a better photo shooter, boost your knowledge of photography, profit from posting your photo online and raise your popularity status

Sell your photos

What is the best byproduct of your contest activity in photagon? You are gradually creating a gallery of your favorite photos that can be sold to other photagon users.
Whenever you upload your photo you can opt to put it for sale. Set a fixed or flex price from which you can start negotiating with the potential buyer. photagon offers a negotiating platform where users can exchange bids until they agree on a price.
This can be your opportunity to shift from a photography enthusiast to a semi-professional who can generate income from their photos. Becoming a world-class professional photographer could be your next step. In any case, photagon is here to boost your photo-taking skills and make you part of a community that shares your passion.

Upload for a cause

Last but not least. Whenever you upload your photo in a photagon Contest Class, you not only maximize your chances of turning your likes into profit. photagon gives back for every single photo upload in the Contest Classes. You are supporting a cause of your country just by entering a contest. Make your posts count. Learn more about our donations program here.