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Y ou already know by now that photagon is The first Social Photo Contest.
In many ways photagon is here to evolve the concept of photo sharing, turning for the first time your likes into profit. That’s right – every like means actual monetary profit.
In this context photagon reintroduces the terms of uploading and liking photos in social media. Here is why.

Upload photo in photagon

When you upload photo in photagon, it means you are participating in one of the photo contests, the PCoin Classes.

What do you need to upload a photo?
You need one great photo and enough PCoins to enter the PCoin Class you choose.

In case you have never heard of PCoins
PCoin is the photagon in-app credit system.
Yes, it is used for in-app transactions and no, it is not related to any crypto-currencies you may have heard of.
With the PCoins you enter contests and offer them to the photos you like (vote). You can also buy photos or offer them to your friend in need ?.
You can cash out your PCoins whenever you want.

Back to upload
The process is simple.
1. Upload your photo
2. Customize it with filters and effects
3. Add photo information

Vote for photos

Before you finish it is time to vote. This is where you like photos, vote for them and offer your voting PCoins.
Every PCoin Class has 100 participants, so you will have 100 photos to choose from. You will not find your photo there. To secure fair contests, every user vote for photos of the previous group of participants.
When your group is up for voting other users will do the same for your photos and this is how in photagon you will turn likes into profit.

Why photagon?

photagon combines every social aspect of photo sharing, with followers, comments and likes but takes it to the next level by urging you to improve your photo shooting skills and make you earn money from your talent.